FTF WORK offers versatile applications by replacing traditional card readers with video cameras, enhancing access control and security by:

Simplified Access: Using video cameras, FTF WORK provides a simpler and more convenient access experience. Individuals need only approach the door, and the system makes an instant decision regarding access authorization.
Adjustable Security Levels: FTF WORK allows customization of security levels to accommodate both straightforward, convenient areas and high-security zones simultaneously, adapting to your specific security requirements.
Customizable Recognition: You can fine-tune the recognition level to capture specific features, ensuring optimal security alignment.
Liveness Detection: FTF WORK can activate liveness detection, ensuring that recognized individuals are alive and authentic, enhancing security against fake or manipulated identities.
Human Body Recognition: The system recognizes individuals based on body features such as face, posture, or movements, ensuring precise and reliable identification.
Two-Eye Principle: The system opens the door only when it recognizes a single face in the video, preventing unauthorized attempts to gain access with shared identities.
Capture Distance Limitation: You can adjust the system’s capture distance to ensure that only individuals near the door are recorded, improving data accuracy and efficiency.
REST API for External Alarms and Data Exchange: FTF WORK offers a REST API for seamless integration with external alarm systems and data exchange, facilitating comprehensive monitoring and integration into your existing security systems.
Integration with Card Access Systems: FTF WORK seamlessly integrates with card access systems, allowing you to combine various access methods and expand your security measures.
Intuitive Web-Based User Interface: FTF WORK provides an intuitive web-based interface, enabling your staff to easily manage and monitor access permissions, streamlining access control management.
In addition to these advantages, FTF WORK offers further features when combined with video cameras, including:
People Flow Analysis: FTF WORK enables precise real-time analysis of people’s flow. By evaluating movement data, it identifies bottlenecks, recognizes optimization potentials, and enhances access management efficiency.

About Nedap N.V.

Nedap focuses on developing and delivering Technology for Life: technological products that empower people to work more comfortably and be more successful. Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 750 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters is located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

Wesley Keegstra, Integration manager at Nedap Security Management said:

“FTF managed to create a very flexible facial recognition solution. I was surprised by how hardware independent they are. They take a basic camera and use the live feed in their software to identify people. This is transferred to the Nedap AEOS access control system, where the person is authorized or not. Many thanks to the FTF team for all their effort, and for this great collaboration.”