FTF Use Case

FTF Life

FTF LIFE Retail Visitor Analytics System
FTF LIFE is an advanced visitor analytics system tailored for retail and shop environments. The primary use cases revolve around precise visitor frequency measurement and digital advertisement efficiency assessment. The system is extensively utilized by clients in the DACH, Americas, and the Middle East regions.
Visitor Frequency Measurement: Efficiently measure and analyze visitor footfall to derive insights for improved retail management.
· FTF LIFE ensures precise counting of visitors, offering an accurate representation of footfall.
· By understanding peak visitor times, retailers can optimize their opening hours for enhanced operational efficiency.
· Analyzing visitor patterns allows for optimized staffing, ensuring the right workforce during peak hours and cost savings during slower periods.
· Data on visiting demographics aids in selecting the right product mix, catering to the preferences of different generations.
Digital Advertisement Measurement: Evaluate the effectiveness of digital advertisements within the retail environment, linking visitor data with transaction records.
· Clients can assess the efficiency of each product advertisement by correlating visitor interaction data with sales records.
· FTF LIFE facilitates targeted advertising by enabling retailers to tailor campaigns based on the demographics and preferences of their visitors.
· Integration of visitor data with register information provides a comprehensive view of customer behavior, aiding in personalized marketing strategies.
· FTF LIFE contributes to a tailored shopping experience by enabling retailers to provide personalized services based on visitor preferences.
· Through optimized operations, the system aids in reducing the carbon footprint of the shop, promoting sustainability in retail practices.
· FTF LIFE prioritizes customer privacy, ensuring that data collection and analysis are conducted ethically and in compliance with privacy regulations.
· Retailers can streamline operations, minimize wastage, and allocate resources effectively, leading to increased profitability.
In conclusion, FTF LIFE not only serves as a powerful tool for retail management but also fosters sustainability and efficiency. Its ability to deliver accurate insights without compromising customer privacy positions it as an invaluable asset for modern retail environments.


FTF CAR Integrated Vehicle Management System
FTF CAR offers a comprehensive vehicle management system with a diverse range of use cases, catering to the needs of clients in the DACH, Americas, and the Middle East regions. The system addresses parking lot management, digital gate automation, and truck navigation, providing seamless solutions for enhanced operational efficiency.
FTF EasyPark – Parking Lot Management: Efficiently manage parking lots with a mix of preregistered company cars and adhoc users.
· The system intelligently prioritizes parking spaces for preregistered company cars, optimizing the use of the parking lot.
FTF Digital Gate – Automated Truck and Transport Identification: Automate the entire truck and transport identification process through FTF digital gate video analytic technology.
· FTF Digital Gate streamlines the identification of trucks and transport vehicles, reducing manual efforts and potential errors.
· The system enhances security and operational efficiency by automating the entry process, ensuring seamless and accurate identification.
FTF SiteNav – Truck Navigation: Provide logistics and security departments with an automated solution for truck navigation, simplifying complex tasks.
· FTF SiteNav automates truck navigation, allowing logistics and security departments to handle this task effortlessly.
· The system reduces the time and resources required for manual navigation, freeing up personnel for more critical tasks.
Automated Vehicle Management benefits:
· FTF CAR ensures a fully automated and streamlined approach to vehicle management, reducing manual interventions.
· Clients gain access to key performance indicators (KPIs) for various processes and operations, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
· The automated solutions contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly environment, increasing satisfaction among employees and partners.
· By reducing waiting times, unnecessary drives, and optimizing operations, FTF CAR actively contributes to reducing the CO2 footprint of partners, promoting sustainability in operations.
FTF CAR offers a holistic solution for integrated vehicle management, providing clients with the tools to optimize their parking lots, streamline entry processes, and automate truck navigation. The overarching benefits include increased operational efficiency, enhanced sustainability, and improved satisfaction among stakeholders.